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Sep 28, 2022

WE ALL MUST DIE. Did this statement hit a chord with you in any way? Even though we know that death is inevitable, sometimes we forget that and start living life not up to its potential. Today we have Jodi Wellman with us, who is a leading authority on living lives worth living. As a speaker and facilitator, she helps her clients live squander-free lives while they're lucky enough to still be above ground — while cleverly beginning with the "big end" in mind. She named her business Four Thousand Mondays because it shines the light on the finite number of weeks we have to live like we mean it.


Jodi holds a Master's of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she is also an Assistant Instructor. As a certified coach with 25 years of corporate leadership experience, she helps executives, teams, and high performers work well and live even better.


This is a 2 part series. Do join us next week for part 2.


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Jodi's TEDx Talk (How Death Can Bring You Back to Life):


A bit about me (Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj):

Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj enjoyed a prestigious career as a periodontal regenerative surgeon moving to a new passion in June 2018. He retired after a 33-year career to pursue new passions. At 69 Dr. Orest has taken on a new role as an Interviewer, Podcaster and government-certified Old Guy. He streams from his new home in Las Vegas, NV. He lives with his wife of 29 years, Oksana. His status as an empty-nesters with two out of college-employed children has left him with time and energy to share decades of successes, failures, and wisdom.



00:00 Precap

00:38 Intro

01:47 Guest introduction

4:50 What does memento mori translate into?

06:10 What is temporal scarcity?

08:40 My experience with ostomy

10:55 Appreciating life

11:40 Understanding suicide

13:30 Hedonic treadmill

15:59 Healthy and unhealthy coping

18:41 Commercial

19:15 Commercial ends/ How important is a purpose to living life?

21:48 My purpose in life

31:40 Tell us about the dark days. How do they show up and how do you cope?

35:02 Outro