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Nov 9, 2022

In this episode, I interviewed Nancy Perpall, a divorce attorney with decades of experience and a published writer. We talked about how divorce affects children’s psychology and how millennials are changing and setting the stage for strong relationships by following the three F’s of sex before getting married.

Join us to know how marriage fails and ends up in the courtroom. And know about the How-tos of a successful marriage.


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Nancy Perpall is a former critical care nurse who used conflict resolution to get her patients the best care. As a practicing divorce attorney for the last 30 years, she’s used conflict resolution to get her clients the best results. As a former Chair of The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Domestic Relations Rules Committee, she championed rules to promote conflict resolution through mediation as an alternative to litigation. Nancy’s upcoming how-to book, The Malnourished Marriage – 5 Essential Emotional Nutrients for a Healthy Relationship, is a conflict resolution buffet of food for thought to help couples bilge a diet of discontent and feed their hunger for love. Nancy’s novel, Around Which All Things Bend, is a story about relationships and how far we’re willing to bend for love.


A bit about me (Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj)

Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj enjoyed a prestigious career as a periodontal regenerative surgeon moving to a new passion in June 2018. He retired after a 33-year career to pursue new passions. At 69 Dr. Orest has taken on a new role as an Interviewer, Podcaster and government-certified Old Guy. He streams from his new home in Las Vegas, NV. He lives with his wife of 29 years, Oksana. His status as an empty-nesters with two out of college-employed children has left him with time and energy to share decades of successes, failures, and wisdom.


You can connect with Nancy or check out more of her work at: 



0:00 – Precap

1:20 – Intro 

2:33 – Guest Introduction

4:04 – What's the most important thing you’ve done today?

4:35 – Counseling children 

7:07 – Clinical Intake for divorce

9:25 – women and their relationship (the connection between Family relationship and divorce)

(Parents relationship)

14:44 – How do you know you are not ready for marriage?

15:28 – Pre-engagement counseling

17:08 – Commercial 

17:48 – Commercial end

18:12 – Nancy’s debut novel

19:25 – Millennials are setting a stage for a strong relationship

19:32 – Three F’s of Sex

24:20 – 60% of divorces are filed by the women

25:43 – Are you committed to the results?

27:46 – New things to rekindle a relationship

29:16 – Divorce in Older age (over 50)

32:53 – Traditional marriage and love marriage

35:27 – Outro