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Nov 30, 2022

Today we continue our discussion with Arnold Sampson who served in the US army with a Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) in the Republic of Vietnam. This is a 2 part interview; if you haven't heard the first part yet, do check that out. In today's episode, we discuss the warzone and deaths. All this and a lot more.

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Arnold was awarded several commendations that were part of a team/crew effort. However, his two Purple Heart awards, awarded after separate injuries from shrapnel, and his Broken Wing Award were more singular and very personal. During his short year of service, he was also awarded the Bronze Star, at least five awards of the Air Medal with a "V" device for heroism, a Distinguished Flying Cross, and a Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with a Silver Star device for heroism.

After returning to the States, he earned an FAA commercial helicopter pilot's license while stationed at Fort Ord, California.

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Timestamps Part 2


00:00 – Precap

00:38 – Intro

01:47 – Did you think you’re gonna die?

03:03 – God’s on my side

04:40 – How did you deal with the people who died on the helicopter?

07:34 – Where did you come back to?

08:22 – No one was abusive

08:55 – How is the process of readjusting from a warzone to a civilian place?

11:01 – I started to cry

11:32 – Welcome home brother

12:50 – They did not think about plotting terrorism

14:08 – Fascinated by the glamour of flying

15:56 – Commercial 

16:28 – Commercial end

18:20 – How do your experiences in Vietnam shape you as a man today?

20:46 – The no. 1 place in the world for Bentley to be sold in Kyiv.

22:28 – Arnold’s Book

24:42 – Closing thoughts

26:51 – Outro