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May 19, 2021

Lisa Cassaro is a Wellness Solutions Strategist, Trust Education & Legacy Advisor and long-time professional Patient Advocate, with more than a decade of healthcare experience. She’s also an entrepreneur and for more than 25 years has been a community group leader, including as a co-founder of an Amputee and Caregiver Support Group, as well as cofounder and former coleader of a community caregiver & family support group, among other community leadership roles. In November 2019, \she obtained my national credential as a Board Certified Patient Advocate

She’s worn “all the hats” as a patient, a caregiver and someone well acquainted with grief, saying that she can empathize and have compassion for the clients she serves. Although her parents are deceased now, she’s also been a Sandwich Generation woman, co-caring for her parents long distance for several years, so in many ways, she’s limped, walked and run in her client’s shoes. She specializes in advance care planning for individuals or groups, reviewing medical care plans and locating second opinions, resolving insurance discrepancies, or navigating a healthcare journey from hospitalization to continuing care choices, especially for elder orphans or solo agers.

As the CEO of Cope and Hope Advocates, she works mainly to help Sandwich Generation women (and men) to reduce stress and gain peace of mind over their healthcare decisions & finances.

Lisa’s a lover of God, people and furry creatures. She’s originally from Southern California but is now happily transplanted to the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas – where she lives with her husband Hoss and two cats – Cleopatra & Babbalu (aka Cleo & Bob).

She’s also the mother of two bio sons, and 5 step kids from multiple blended families. She has 3 grandsugars living in the Pacific Northwest that she’s loving and visiting virtually.

When she’s not engaged in building her on line business presence, she enjoys being on her property in the woods practicing grounding and meditation, doing DIY projects around the house, classic car shows, practicing at the gun range, sightseeing at museums and “hysterical monuments”, reading, writing – and  being a die-hard people person, connecting people and with people

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