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Mar 20, 2020

For any of you out there worried about toilet paper there’s some basic math that you need to know. Before I get into that just take comfort in the fact that I according to the CDC  diarrhea is not a symptom of the Corona Virus. So, all of this stocking up and fighting about toilet paper at the Costco is insane.


Let me share with you some Costco toilet paper math in this podcast ( I did not do this calculation it was sent to me).


The Costco toilet paper comes in packages with 30 rolls. Each roll has 425 sheets that means that there’s 12,750 sheets per case.



Listen to the podcast for all the toilet math.


Short interview at the end with the creator of ESS 60 Chris Burres


So believe me you don’t need to have stock piles of toilet paper.


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