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Sep 21, 2022

Turning 70 is a milestone in and of itself which I'll be hitting in a few weeks. But what does it feel like? Is it any different from other milestones? And what can we do to keep our body and mind healthy? Is hormone therapy the answer or should we do something else? And what is the most important thing to age well? We'd be getting answers to all these questions and even more in today's episode "Journey to Ageless" with Ruth Yunker.


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Ruth Yunker is a writer, humorist, and traveler. She is also a fledgling model at the age of 73. She has been writing for forty years and has published short stories, magazine articles, and book reviews. She's published three books, which are all available on Amazon.


Ruth Yunker's first two books are about her long stays in Paris, solo, learning to be a polite and happy American in Paris, doing it their way. They are "Me, Myself and Paris", and "Paris, I've Grown Accustomed to Your Ways".


Her current book "Baby, I'm the Boss of Me, My Journey to Ageless" consists of stories of her life, and how, now, she's facing the third trimester of life with joy, personal power and above all, a healthy sense of humor. Her confidence and joie de vivre come from having lived a multi-faceted life, which has included a much-traveled life. She's married twice, raising two children, and caring for both her parents through their final years. And along the way raised and loved a multitude of cats. A dog should be in her future!


Ruth Yunker is a student of life, and an amateur, but enthusiastic, sociologist. She also believes in yoga for all the answers and ice cream for dessert.


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Amazon link for Ruth's book "Baby, I'm the Boss of Me"


A bit about me (Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj):

Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj enjoyed a prestigious career as a periodontal regenerative surgeon moving to a new passion in June 2018. He retired after a 33-year career to pursue new passions. At 69 Dr. Orest has taken on a new role as an Interviewer, Podcaster and government-certified Old Guy. He streams from his new home in Las Vegas, NV. He lives with his wife of 29 years, Oksana. His status as an empty-nesters with two out of college-employed children has left him with time and energy to share decades of successes, failures, and wisdom.



00:00 - Precap

01:22 - Intro

02:30 - Guest introduction

06:40 - Most important thing you've done today?

09:00 - What is the most important thing to age well?

10:33 - Thoughts about Mortality

14:18 - Ballet and yoga

15:40 - How's this trimester different than previous trimester in your life?

19:20 - Mentally, how old do you consider yourself?

24:00 - Connection of mindset with aging well

26:03 - Commercial

26:35 - Commercial ends/morning ritual

27:44 - Hormone replacement for women

32:20 - Importance of sex in relationshipss

38:10 - Anything that concerns you?

42:46 - Do you worry about how you age?

46:15 - What do you see for yourself between now and 80?

51:45 - Closing thoughts

53:35 - Outro