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Jun 1, 2022

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Are you actively tracking your physiology? If not, why? Today we have with us Kevin Longoria of Biostrap, who is an expert in the field of Clinical Physiology and biometric data science and we are talking about this incredible device, the BioStrap.


As Chief Science Officer at Biostrap, Kevin has led the development and validation of novel physiological biometrics utilizing raw photoplethysmography (PPG) data, the Baseline-Adjusted Early Warning System to predict respiratory illness including SARS-CoV-2, implemented clinical remote physiologic monitoring workflows in various healthcare environments and patient populations, and contributed to large-scale clinical trials with pharmaceutical and government organizations including the National Institute of Minority Health & Health Disparities. Kevin has significant leadership experience leading a team of healthcare professionals, researchers, and data scientists, and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the world's largest sports medicine certification organization.


We talk about the device and how it can help you live a better life. You'll also get a sneek peak into my personal data collected on the Biostrap and we did find some interesting things there.


Kevin also told us how the Biostrap can be an integral part of your life and keep you in check with your physicians as well. We also discussed the importance of sleep and how the Biostrap records REM and deep sleep and what we can learn from the data it collects.


All this and a lot more in the episode.


Abut Biostrap:

  • Biostrap is pioneering the industry of medical-grade biosensors, lossless data processing techniques, and AI/ML to provide custom digital health solutions for healthcare & government organizations, clinical research and telehealth/telemedicine industries.
  • Biostrap captures clinical-grade, continuous, ultra high-fidelity raw signals for analysis in a cloud-based Pulse Engine™. Built with convenience, efficiency, and security in mind, Biostrap translates complex biometric signals into customized insights, dashboards, and mobile applications to meet client needs. API & Bluetooth SDK Integration Options available.
  • Biostrap's widely adopted and proven technologies create disruptive competitive advantages in the health data market developing a revolutionary new PPG data paradigm
  • Biostrap has the largest Raw PPG Database in the world
  • Biostrap is pioneering the fact that PPG data is becoming the new Genomic Data


  • Biostrap Labs - the contract research division of Biostrap: on a mission to improve consumer decision-making by providing clinical validation in an unregulated wellness market. — An efficient and cost-effective resource for progressive brands seeking market testing, differentiation, and product validation.
  • Biostrap Labs is willing to perform a clinical study with any company with products or services that impact human health and/or performance through non-invasive and real-world data collection.


A bit about me (Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj):

Dr. Orest Komarnyckyj enjoyed a prestigious career as a periodontal regenerative surgeon moving to a new passion in June 2018. He retired after a 33-year career to pursue new passions. At 69 Dr. Orest has taken on a new role as an Interviewer, Podcaster and government-certified Old Guy. He streams from his new home in Las Vegas, NV. He lives with his wife of 29 years, Oksana. His status as an empty-nesters with two out of college-employed children has left him with time and energy to share decades of successes, failures, and wisdom.


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Timestamps for the episode:


00:00 - Precap

00:52 - Intro

02:04 - Guest introduction

04:20 - What's the most important thing you've done today?

04:55 - What is ppg?

05:50 - Why is it important to measure this data?

07:05 - What are important things that biostrap measures?

09:40 - What constitutes the term deep sleep? how do you look at that?

11:00 - Difference between REM and deep sleep

11:35 - Other things biostrap measures

13:50 - How can you measure an improvement in elasticity, and how quickly is the improvement seen?

15:05 - Healthy relation between arterial age and chronological age?

18:10 - Diets

19:35 - Commercial

20:08 - Commercial ends

20:45 - What the light sensors are and what they do?

22:40 - False positives in testings

24:50 - Interaction between the physician, the biostrap, and the patient

27:30 - What makes your device so special than other medical grade devices out there?

28:20 - My data and report

35:30 - Let's talk about sleep

40:40 - What are the opportunities for someone to work with your company?

45:10 - Closing thoughts

48:44 - Outro