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May 5, 2021

Ram sits down with Orest the Old Guy over a drink and a cigar to talk about the cigar business.

We talk about their new cigar the Buffalo Ten and what makes it so special. Ram and The Old Guy also talk about the BIG PAPI that was made in consultation with baseball great David Ortiz.

Ram and I talk about the process of growing the tobacco, fermenting the tobacco and making it into a cigar. This is three generational cigar business with a rich history. Ram also talks about the challenges of growing tobacco and producing cigars in the era of COVID.

El Artista also does a lot for their local community which we go into.

We also discuss the challenges of the cigar industry in the 21st century.

Sorry about the sound quality but we did this as a Instagram Live and were not planning as a podcast but it was so good….

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