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Dec 3, 2020

Jason and Jennie are Spiritual Relationship, Marriage and Intimacy Coaches and Counselors. They Strengthen and Save marriages. They are creators of the high end experiential marriage programs, which are Polarity workshops for men and women, couples and singles, exploring and highlighting the differences between Masculine and Feminine archetypes, using ancient and modern discoveries and practices, that will enhance your passion, rekindle your romance, and reveal your deepest communions. The workshop will help men and women successfully navigate today’s confusing and evolving Masculine and Feminine roles in society.

What couples face now and how are they different or the same from what couples have faced the past.

You describe three stages of marriage bad good and great tell me how you see those stages in terms of the challenges in each stage starting from bad?

Why should married couples take time to work on themselves and their marriage?

What impact would this have in other areas of their lives?

What brought you here to create this program? What makes you qualified to coach other couples on a great marriage?